'Makin It'

'Makin it' can mean something different to just about everyone. The intent of this page is to help those who want to establish a more self reliant and sustainable lifestyle.

To me the first thing is to begin developing an overall plan. Take some time to sit down and really think about your life today. In the case of an extreme crisis, such as financial collapse, an EMP/nuclear attack, major flood or other disaster will you stay where you are, do you have a place or relatives in a rural area? What is actually NEEDED (required to live) and what is only WANTED (nice and cozy)? Here are some things to think about as you begin your planning:

NOTE: appliances, electronic devices and even generators and solar panels are vulnerable to an EMP. See the EMP section of the PrepKnow page for some ideas for protecting your stuff.

Food -

Water - Medications - It might be wise to start to get familiar with herbs, and grow some. Fuels and energy -

All this will help keep you alive, but don't overlook things like light bulbs, personal hygiene, household and kitchen stuff, so on and so forth.

Don't forget to have back up plans!! For example, if the electrical grid goes down, whatcha gonna do? Generator would likely be next on most folk's list. You have no more fuel to run it, now what?? This process should be applied to virtually everything you have - natural gas/propane, lighting, heating, cooking and on and on. Take a hard objective look at everything you do and have and create and adjust your plan accordingly.

The more you can either stockpile or do for yourself, the better off you will be.

It's up to you to take what information is helpful and use it, expand on it and mold it into what will work for you and your family.....

Start to:
- Make the most out of the least -
- Think outside the box - Be creative -

Pray and Give Thanks to God, Always!!

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